The Collège des médecins is the professional order of physicians in Quebec.

Its mission:

Quality medicine at the service of the public

To fulfil its mission, the Collège des médecins du Québec:

  • assesses the competence of future physicians and their fitness to practice medicine;
  • ensures and promotes the maintenance of physician competence;
  • evaluates and oversees physicians’ professional practice;
  • receives and responds to complaints from the public;
  • monitors the illegal practice of medicine;
  • takes a position in debates on health that are of concern to the public

To perform its functions, the Collège has permanent committees and divisions. Each statutory committee of the Collège des médecins has a corresponding division, composed of physicians, most of whom are employed full time and who are responsible for implementing the decisions made by the corresponding committee and the Collège’s Board of Directors. The Executive Office coordinates the activities of all the divisions.

The directors, employees and attorneys of the Collège des médecins have adopted a code of ethical principles that they undertake to respect in order to fulfil the Collège’s mission.

Last update: April 15, 2015