Disciplinary information and decisions


The Collège makes some information of a disciplinary nature available to the public. You can obtain details about a physician’s disciplinary history at any time by submitting a request by email to renseignementdiscipline@cmq.org. The Physician Directory also provides some information on current or past decisions modifying a physician’s right to practice and whether or not there are disciplinary decisions in the physician’s record.

“Disciplinary decisions” are decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council and any judgements rendered by another court concerning a physician’s practice.

In the interests of transparency and to provide a user-friendly format for the public, there is now a single listing for disciplinary decisions rendered since January 1, 2019 that can be accessed by means of a user-friendly search interface. The same information can also be accessed in the Physician Directory.

Consult the List of Disciplinary Decisions

While Decisions rendered before 2019 are included in the physician’s directory entry, they can only be consulted on the SOQUIJ (provincial) and CanLII (federal) sites or by submitting a request by email to the Collège at renseignementdiscipline@cmq.org.

Disciplinary hearings

Hearings and decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council have been public since 1988:

“Every hearing shall be public. Notwithstanding the first paragraph, the disciplinary council may, of its own initiative or upon request, order that a hearing be held in camera or ban the disclosure, publication or release of any information or document it indicates, in the general interest or in the interest of public order, in particular to preserve professional secrecy or to protect a person’s privacy or reputation.” (Professional Code, s. 142)

Until the first hearing in a disciplinary case has been held, the Collège’s Legal Services Division cannot give access to documents in the record and, consequently, to the complaint filed.

However, under the law, the following information may be provided:

  • the professional’s (physician’s) name
  • the nature of the complaint
  • where the offence was committed
  • the date of the disciplinary hearing

Once the first hearing has been held, unless ordered otherwise, the entire disciplinary record is public.

All other decisions rendered by the Disciplinary Council – acquittal, preliminary motion, decision on the conviction or penalty – are public. The disciplinary information officer may not only release their content but may provide these documents to anyone who is interested.

To find out more, consult the Roll of Disciplinary Hearings.

Last update: June 10, 2020