Access to a physician


If you are looking for a specific physician's contact information, you can consult the Physician Directory.

To consult a family doctor, you might try to get an appointment with a doctor working in a medical clinic, CLSC or family medicine group (GMF) in your neighborhood. While many doctors already have a full roster of patients, they may be able to suggest one who could meet with you in the coming weeks.

If this approach is unsuccessful, you may go to a walk-in clinic. These clinics do not give you access to a family doctor, but they generally do receive patients presenting with sudden health problems that require prompt attention and consultation.

To find a family doctor who is accepting new patients, you can be added to the waiting list of the Guichet d'accès à un médecin de famille (GAMF). Your request will be evaluated and priority granted according to your health. It is impossible to determine exactly how long you will be on the waiting list. The wait time may vary according to doctor availability in your region and the number of people on the waiting list in your territory.

Consult the page Guichet d'accès à un médecin de famille in the MSSS Web site.

Last update: November 11, 2020