Permit number system


Historically, physicians practicing in Quebec could easily identify what generation their physician colleagues belonged to, since the first two digits of a member's permit number corresponded to the year the permit was obtained. However, this way of doing things, which is firmly established in Quebec's medical culture, has been revised due to the increasing number of physicians who register with the Collège each year.

This situation forced the Collège and the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec to come up with a new system for permit numbers, i.e., the assignment of a number that is not linked to the year the permit was obtained.

The Collège would therefore like to inform its members, future members and partners that, from now on, the numbers will be assigned using a new method, starting with the smallest number available in the system. This means there should no longer be any constraints, even in the distant future, as to how permit numbers are generated.

However, it is still possible to find out the date a member obtained their permit and the date of their first registration on the Roll of the Order by consulting the Physician Directory on the Collège's website.

Last update: May 11, 2021